Things I Love (the full list)

1. Chewy Ginger Cookies *Recipe included

2. Cupcakes

3. Baking with Beer *Recipe included

4. Mustaches

5. Smells

6. Northern California in the Fall

7. Apple Pie *Recipe included

8. Fog

9. Peanut Butter

10. Cities with Hilarious Names

11. Forts

12. Grocery Shopping

13. Backpacker Ads From the 1970s

14. Hedgehogs

15. Moss

16. Early Mornings

17. Flip Flops

18. Lederhosen

19. Funnily-named Groups of Animals

20. Yellow Labs

21. Breakfast Food

22. Cold Pizza

23. Things on Sticks

24. User Comments That Do Not Suck

25. A No-wiper

26. Campfires

27. Snail Mail

28. Bookstores

29. Guilty Dogs

30. Brownie Batter

31. Dogs Whose Tongues Do Not Fit In Their Mouths

32. My Little Ponies

33. Eavesdropping

34. Anthropologie Store Displays

35. Old School Backpacks


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