Things I Hate (the full list)

1. Crocs

2. Loud Chewers

3. The Baby Voice

4. Fish

5. DVD Packaging

6. Rat Tails

7. Long Fingernails

8. The Twilight Series

9. Little Dogs

10. Those Cuts on the Inside of Your Nose That Turn into Huge Booger-Scabs

11. Women’s Beauty Magazines

12. Valentine’s Day

13. Nuts in Brownies

14. A Tiny Patch of Blue in an Otherwise Cloudy Sky

15. LOL

16. People Who Smile All the Time

17. Two-door Cars

18. Butterfly-Anything

19. Exclamation Points

20. Guys Who Wear Necklaces

21. German Chocolate Cake

22. That Feeling When You’re on a Plane and Know You Forgot Something Important But Don’t Know What It Is

23. Girls Who Wear Makeup When They Work Out

24. Harem Pants

25. Coconut

26. Flimsy Plastic Forks

27. Close Talkers

28. Lady Singers

29. Little Girls Wearing Makeup

30. Dried Flowers

31. Facebook Status Updates

32. People Who Drive Just Slightly Under The Speed Limit

33. Sharing Nachos


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