I’ve Moved.

Dear anyone-who-reads-this-blog-regularly: I’ve moved. I’m concentrating my efforts on a new blog more closely linked to my Etsy shop. I’ve carried over all of the posts found here (and will continue writing more of the same), and you can also look forward to/ignore new posts on baking and crafty tutorials and artsy crap. Because I’m … Continue reading

Between Two Ferns

Zach Galiafinakis is one of the best comedians – of all time – for three reasons: 1. He hates people. 2. He is so. Damn. Good. At. Awkward. 3. He is not afraid of wearing turtlenecks and unitards. Which is why his mock-interview show Between Two Ferns with Zach Galiafinakis is one of the best … Continue reading

The Urban Sketchers group on Flickr

Seriously you guys. Eye candy. How bad does the Urban Sketchers group on Flickr make you want to grab a moleskine and jump on a plane and find a cafe in some new town and order coffee and draw things? Probably real bad. bodiley48/Flickr Seven Seas of Rhye/Flickr isaac duenyas/Flickr ALVARO CARNICERO/Flickr Featured photo courtesy … Continue reading

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