I’ve Moved.

Dear anyone-who-reads-this-blog-regularly: I’ve moved. I’m concentrating my efforts on a new blog more closely linked to my Etsy shop. I’ve carried over all of the posts found here (and will continue writing more of the same), and you can also look forward to/ignore new posts on baking and crafty tutorials and artsy crap. Because I’m … Continue reading

Thing I love #36: Really Good-Tasting Burps

Foods That Produce Really Excellent-Tasting Burps: 1. In ‘n Out Burgers 2. Ice Cream (includes soft serve, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, gelato, etc.) 3. Donuts 4. Vanilla Yogurt 5. Guinness / Belgian Wheat Beers Foods That produce Terrible-Tasting Burps 1. Shellfish 2. Coffee 3. Beef stew 4. Sauerkraut 5. Salami Featured photo courtesy of a shadow … Continue reading

Thing I love #35: Old School Backpacks


I have a total lady-boner for old backpacks. I love their sweet logos. I love their colors (navy blue, rust orange, or darker navy blue).I love the ads that they were featured in. I love the fact that the people who used them seemed to be energetic, tree-lovin’, self-sufficient types who enjoyed morning dips in … Continue reading

Thing I love #34: Anthropologie Store Displays

I’m pretty sure Anthropologie’s motto for store display aesthetics goes something like this: If there is chipped paint or slightly rusted metal, use it. Just repeat a bunch of shit. Make it out of stuff you can buy Home Depot/Michaels. Make the shoppers feel stupid they didn’t think of it themselves. And I absolutely love … Continue reading

Things I love #33: Eavesdropping

You know those people who are all, “Oh, that very private-looking conversation that couple on the bench is having is none of my business. I will leave them alone.”? I am not one of those people. I like eavesdropping and listening in on things I shouldn’t. I also stare at people. In other words: I … Continue reading

Thing I love #32: My Little Ponies

My Little Ponies are the ultimate little girl plaything. Because many years ago, some genius figured out how to combine the separate elements of female make-believe/fantasy into one glorious figurine. A figurine that that gives little girls lady boners. A figurine that transcends Barbie, and American Girl Dolls, and those creepy heads that you put … Continue reading

Thing I love #31: Dogs Whose Tongues Do Not Fit In Their Mouth

I know I just nerded out about how much I love guilty dogs, and that now I’m talking about how much I love dogs whose tongues don’t fit in their mouth. Well, I like slightly-defective animals. Plus, this post comes with haikus. Purrrpl_Haze/Flickr Is my tongue too long, Or instead my face to short? No, … Continue reading

Thing I love #30: Brownie Batter

Brownie batter is my favorite of all the batters. Better than cookie, better than cake. The best. I’m not talking about homemade brownie batter, either. No sir. I like the kind that comes from a box. The kind that needs just a couple of eggs, some canola oil and a little bit of water to … Continue reading

Thing I love #29: Guilty Dogs

matthewgood/Flickr gizzypooh/Flickr ejorpin/Flickr hjhipster/Flickr an iconoclast/Flickr kitsu/Flickr Featured photo courtesy of Youssef Abdelaal/Flickr

Thing I love #28: Bookstores

I love reading with a passion and dedication that extends to few other areas of my life. And when it comes to books, I love nearly everything about them. Their cover art. The smell of a new book. Typesetting. The fucking story itself. The notes and scribbles that come in used copies of favorite novels. … Continue reading

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