I’ve Moved.

Dear anyone-who-reads-this-blog-regularly: I’ve moved. I’m concentrating my efforts on a new blog more closely linked to my Etsy shop. I’ve carried over all of the posts found here (and will continue writing more of the same), and you can also look forward to/ignore new posts on baking and crafty tutorials and artsy crap. Because I’m … Continue reading

Thing I hate #33: Sharing Nachos

If you’re anything like me (and I’m going to assume that you are), eating nachos should always be a solitary experience. Not solitary in an “eat them alone naked with your cat” kind of way,* but solitary in a “please keep your hands off my special food experience” kind of way. Eating nachos properly requires … Continue reading

Thing I hate #32: People Who Drive Just Slightly Under the Speed Limit

If there’s anything more maddening than being stuck behind someone driving a few miles under the speed limit it’s got to be like, the Chipmunks movies, or Jamie Kennedy or something. And it’s not the people who are going way below the speed limit – the ones who take it down 10 or 15 mph. … Continue reading

Thing I hate #31: Facebook Status Updates

Most major media sites have come out with some article bitching about Facebook, whether about the fact that it reduces our human interaction to shallow online nothingness, or its functionality, or its ability to suck away hours of useful time that could be spent hanging out with real people/eating food because you’re lonely/macrame-ing/at some other … Continue reading

Thing I hate #32: Guys Who Let Their Shirtsleeves Dangle Past Their Wrists

I don’t know if there’s a way for a guy to look more effeminate and stupid than to let his sleeves hang past his wrists. It says, “Hey, I’m still a self-conscious 7th grader who wants to curl up inside my body and not be noticed until I can grow hair normally and stop getting … Continue reading

Thing I hate #31: The Seemingly-Indiscriminate Use of Capitalization

Why. Why do people think it’s cute/funny/charming to alternate lower and upper case letters? It is overly-precious, stupid, and kind of infuriating. Honestly, I don’t understand this trend at all. bEcAuSe MaInLy yOu JuSt CoMe OfF SoUnDiNg LiKe A fIvE yEaR-oLd LeArNiNg HoW tO rEaD. And then there are the asshats who use capitalization for … Continue reading

Thing I hate #30: Dried Flowers

I could give fuck-all about dried flowers. Talk about a really, really stupid decorating idea. And an even worse way to cling desperately to a nostalgic memory. Here’s why they suck: As Decor goaliej54/Flickr Dudes: If you ever walk into a date’s apartment where dried flowers play an important role in the decorating theme, leave. … Continue reading

Thing I hate #30: Manicured Goatees

Goatees in general are a shitty choice of facial hair, especially since they seem to belong mainly to men who are trying very, very hard to be cool. The mid-life crisis-ers, the jeans-and-white-tennis-shoes wearers, the past-his-prime-college-football-player who still thinks he can pull in chicks (sometimes all three are the same man. Unfortunately.). Goatees are the … Continue reading

Thing I hate #29: Little Girls Wearing Makeup

I have a thing against the tarted-up look in general, but excessive makeup is at its worst when it’s on the face of a little girl. Why, why, WHY is it ever necessary to apply lipstick and blush and eyeshadow to the face of a five year-old? Answer: It’s not. Holy fake nails and patriotism, … Continue reading

Thing I hate #28: Lady Singers

Call me sexist. Call me deaf. Call me uncultured and lame and disrespectful. But I don’t really like female musical artists. It’s less misogynistic for me to say this because I am a girl, but it still doesn’t negate the fact that when a chick opens her mouth to belt out a song, I’m usually … Continue reading

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