Thing I love #35: Old School Backpacks


I have a total lady-boner for old backpacks. I love their sweet logos. I love their colors (navy blue, rust orange, or darker navy blue).I love the ads that they were featured in. I love the fact that the people who used them seemed to be energetic, tree-lovin’, self-sufficient types who enjoyed morning dips in … Continue reading

Thing I hate #33: Sharing Nachos

If you’re anything like me (and I’m going to assume that you are), eating nachos should always be a solitary experience. Not solitary in an “eat them alone naked with your cat” kind of way,* but solitary in a “please keep your hands off my special food experience” kind of way. Eating nachos properly requires … Continue reading

Thing I love #34: Anthropologie Store Displays

I’m pretty sure Anthropologie’s motto for store display aesthetics goes something like this: If there is chipped paint or slightly rusted metal, use it. Just repeat a bunch of shit. Make it out of stuff you can buy Home Depot/Michaels. Make the shoppers feel stupid they didn’t think of it themselves. And I absolutely love … Continue reading

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