Thing I hate #32: Guys Who Let Their Shirtsleeves Dangle Past Their Wrists

I don’t know if there’s a way for a guy to look more effeminate and stupid than to let his sleeves hang past his wrists. It says, “Hey, I’m still a self-conscious 7th grader who wants to curl up inside my body and not be noticed until I can grow hair normally and stop getting boners during algebra.”

So for the love of instant pudding, why do some guys seem unable to wear a shirt without letting the sleeves flop all over their wrists and hands? I don’t care if your arms are disproportionately short: Roll that shit up. Your hands still work, don’t they? You tool.

A perfect example is Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. I’m not sure if it’s an affectation of his character or something this guy does in real life, but it takes his character from kind-of-lame to total-asshat annoying. (On a slightly-unrelated note, it really is too bad that Ted is the main character of this show. The writers should kill him off and let the comedic genius of Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris run wild. Ted can get his sleeves caught in a weed whacker or something.)

You know how sometimes old ladies tuck a handkerchief into their sleeve, and the lacy bit peeks out? THAT’S how hot this look is.

It’s the look of pompous, affected losers everywhere.

It’s the look of punk, goth, emo kids who think they’re unique and tortured, but are not.

It’s the look of uncouth assholes who use their sleeves to wipe their nose instead of shooting off an efficient snot rocket like the rest of us.



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