Thing I hate #31: The Seemingly-Indiscriminate Use of Capitalization


Why do people think it’s cute/funny/charming to alternate lower and upper case letters? It is overly-precious, stupid, and kind of infuriating. Honestly, I don’t understand this trend at all.

bEcAuSe MaInLy yOu JuSt CoMe OfF SoUnDiNg LiKe A fIvE yEaR-oLd LeArNiNg HoW tO rEaD.

And then there are the asshats who use capitalization for emphasis in their writing…just way, way too often. I’m okay with an all-caps word every now and then to make a point. Heck, I do it. But some authors (using that term pretty loosely here) pepper in capitalized words a couple times a sentence. What they don’t realize is that this reads as though they are yelling nearly every other word.

Like a CRACKED-OUT homeless who is TRYING to convince you that the GOVERNMENT is using internet porn to CONTROL our MINDS.

Less is more, guys.

Featured photo courtesy of 123 Chroma Pixels/Flickr


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