Thing I love #22: Cold Pizza

Pizza is one of the greatest foods in the world, as it combines bread, cheese, sausage and only occasionally vegetables, and then they’re in small doses. The taste is good, the smell is good, the fact that you can buy one and happily share it with pretty much any other human on the planet is good. How could pizza possibly be improved?

By making it cold.

Sticking a pizza in the refrigerator does amazing things. Cheese that was all hot and slide-y and stringy congeals. Crust that was soft and warm becomes chewy. All the ingredients and their flavors that were on the pizza the night before have a chance to to mingle and hang out and make little dirty pizza lovemaking in the fridge overnight. Cold pizza is one of the best breakfasts ever. If it isn’t “breakfasty” enough for you, put an egg on it.

Recipe for cold pizza:

1. Order a pizza. I like cheese. Some people like it with other stuff. If you are one of those people, get that kind.
2. Eat some. For two reasons: it will be impossible to resist and it will feel like way more of a treat when you you pull just a few slices out of the fridge tomorrow.
3. Stick the leftovers in the fridge.
4. Open the fridge in the morning.
5. Eat the pizza without a plate or utensils. This ensures as much skin contact with the pizza as possible, and also minimizes cleanup.

Featured photo courtesy of anemoneprojectors/Flickr


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