Thing I love #20: Yellow Labs

photo courtesy of jumping lab/flickr Because they will fetch balls until they die from exhaustion. Carter Kelly Kramer/Flickr Because they are dorks. roinks/Flickr Beacuse, puppies. andriko.l/Flickr Because they are dorks. GmanViz/Flickr Because they love water. Clicksy/Flickr Because they love food. Ed.ward/Flickr Because they are optimists. Sandwiches of the Dead/Flickr Because they are accommodating. terriem/Flickr Because … Continue reading

Thing I hate #20: Guys Who Wear Necklaces

There are a few kinds of men who regularly wear necklaces. And they all suck. 1. The Surfer-ish Dude MaplessInSeattle/Flickr Still stuck in 1996, pseudo-surfer dude hasn’t realized that no one wears puka shell necklaces or shark teeth on leather thongs any more. He is in a fraternity and wears boardshorts even when he is … Continue reading

Thing I hate #19: Exclamation Points.

Reason #1: An exclamation point is the cheap whore of punctuation. “And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head.” – Terry Pratchett, Maskerade They’re a fast, too-easy way of eliciting emotion and drawing attention, similar to hiking up your skirt, putting on some … Continue reading

Thing I hate #18: Butterfly-Anything

Photo courtesy of pareeerica/Flickr Just like adding glitter, adding butterfly graphics, patterns or images to anything pussifies it. And makes it lame. And makes me hate it. Butterflies have become an easy metaphor for someone transforming from a chubby worm into a thing of breathtaking beauty. Something every overweight, sweatpants-wearing, cigarette-sucking woman fancies for herself. … Continue reading

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