Thing I love #16: Early Mornings

Photo courtesy of Bethan/Flickr

I. Love. Mornings.

Waking up in the darkness is better than sleeping in. It’s worth the tiredness and the eye-bags and the pissiness that might happen later in the day. And not just because I get to be all superior and say “you slept in until 10? I’ve already been up for five hours” (although I do really like that). Late-sleeper-inners don’t always understand it, but I am convinced that if they got their asses out of bed before the sun rises for a few mornings, they would get it. Below are the reasons waking up early is the shit. I realize many of them are about food.

1. Because then I own the day. Like there’s an intimate connection I get to make with the world before everyone else wakes up and stakes their claim to it.  Kind of an “I got here first” feeling.


2. Breakfast food. All of it. Granola? Good. Toast? Good. Eggs? Good. Bacon? THE BEST.


3. The smells. This relates closely to number two. There is a bakery on my block and there is nothing better than stopping to watch the bakers knead dough and smell whatever the hell delicious things they have in their ovens. There’s also always a cool, fresh, newness to the air before the day has really started. Things haven’t yet had time to get all dirtied with car exhaust and wind-blown dust and cooking odors and sweaty humans.


4. Coffee. Coffee smells like the morning. It tastes like excitement. It feels like someone has injected sparkles and good attitude into my veins.

dongga BS/Flickr

5. Sunrises. Because…obviously.

Vince Alongi/Flickr


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