Thing I love #19: Funnily-named Groups of Animals (illustrated…kinda)

I like it when groups of animals have names other than “herd” or “litter.” Mainly because they usually make funny pictures in my mind: A charm of hummingbirds. A prickle of porcupines. I mean, duh. A marmalade of ponies. mortimer?/Flickr A clowder of cats. A shiver of sharks. A business of ferrets. Stacy Lynn Baum/Flickr … Continue reading

Thing I hate #17: Two-door Cars

Photo courtesy of Hamed Saber/Flickr I hope that whoever came up with the idea for two-door cars has been forced to spend the rest of their life climbing in and out of the backseat of one so he or she can appropriately regret their decision. Seriously. It’s like some dropout of Mick’s School of Car … Continue reading

Thing I love #18: Lederhosen

Photo courtesy of hownowdesign/Flickr Because really, what could be better than putting strapping men in suspenders and thigh-grazing leather shorts? The Germans know what they’re doing. Put a feather in your cap and pull up those knee-high socks, boys. Sie sehen fantastisch aus. ctruongngoc/Flickr Lederhosen are appropriate for cow milking, wood chopping, Alp-scaling, and schuhplattling. … Continue reading

Thing I love #17: Flip Flops

Photo courtesy of Cin/Flickr Flip flops are the best shoe ever, for all time, no question. They’re like the cool, sexy cousin of TEVAs or Birkenstocks. The one whose hair always looks good and gets free drinks at bars. I wear flip flops year round. To swim practice. Running errands. Defiantly through puddles on rainy … Continue reading

Thing I hate #16: People Who Smile All the Time

Photo courtesy of Dani Ayu/Flickr Not just smiley people. People who NEVER STOP SMILING. And at stupid times, too. Like when they’re copying things at Kinkos. Or riding the bus. Or going to the bathroom. Just guessing on that last one, but can you imagine anything weirder than someone taking their morning dump with a … Continue reading

Thing I love #16: Early Mornings

Photo courtesy of Bethan/Flickr I. Love. Mornings. Waking up in the darkness is better than sleeping in. It’s worth the tiredness and the eye-bags and the pissiness that might happen later in the day. And not just because I get to be all superior and say “you slept in until 10? I’ve already been up … Continue reading

Thing I hate #15: LOL


Photo courtesy of neolao/Flickr LOL. Screw you, “Laughing Out Loud,”  and your invasive rape of the English language. This shitty acronym has become a catch-all for lazy people who want to convey any emotion other than rage and don’t want to expend any effort beyond hitting some convenient keys on the right of their keyboard.  … Continue reading

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