Thing I hate #10: Biting into Popsicles

Nothing is more shudder-inducing than biting into a popsicle. Doesn’t matter if it’s me doing it or if I’m watching someone else; my flesh crawls and I get goosebumps. Every. Single. Time.

Maybe I have sensitive gums. Maybe I’m a total weenie. Maybe you shouldn’t grin at me and take a big bite out of your popsicle right in front of my face if you don’t want it swatted out of your hand.

photo courtesy of chocswirl/flickr

3 Responses to “Thing I hate #10: Biting into Popsicles”
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  1. […] eat solid food for about 36 hours. In addition to cold packs on my face, In fact, cold foods like popsicles and milk shakes were good for healing. Well, that is all I needed to hear. An awesome chocolate […]

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