Thing I love #16: Tiny Dollhouse Food

Yep. I’m a girl. BUT LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE. Stephanie Kilgast/Flickr Stephanie Kilgast/Flickr Stephanie Kilgast/Flickr Stephanie Kilgast/Flickr Stephanie Kilgast/Flickr Stephanie Kilgast/Flickr Stephanie Kilgast/Flickr Excuse me. I have to go buy some clay and make tiny things now. Also: You can see all of Stephanie’s tiny-thing-making skills here. Advertisements

Thing I love #15: Moss

Photo courtesy of [luis]/Flickr When I was around six years old my aggressive, insanely-coordinated, triathlete mother taught me how to ride a bike. It was intense and scary, like pretty much any other sports-related experience with her. “Stop crying and put your face in the water. You’ll float fine.” “Don’t be a weenie. The ball … Continue reading

Thing I love #14: Hedgehogs

Photo courtesy of Yoppy/Flickr Jesus. How can you not love an animals that get stuck in toilet paper tubes? And hump kitchen sponges? And are immune to snake venom. kitsu/Flickr S-CATTA/Flickr Chickpea/Flickr Justin and Elise Denis DeFreyne/Flickr

Thing I hate #14: A Tiny Patch of Blue in an Otherwise Cloudy Sky

Photo courtesy of scaglifr/Flickr Some people see a little bit of blue sky peeking through the clouds as hopeful or optimistic. Or some kind of sign that even though things are dark now, light and happiness is right around the corner. Screw those people. I hate the blue. A good grey, totally cloudy, stay-inside-and-read kind … Continue reading

Thing I love #13: Backpacker Ads from the 1970s

This is a specific one, but I so badly want to live in a world where men pair flowing hair and glorious mustaches with jean shorts and flannel, and fresh-faced women hike with them in braids, overalls, and external frame packs. You can tell they’re all just enjoying the heck out of America’s glorious natural … Continue reading

Thing I hate #13: Nuts in Brownies

Brownie photo courtesy of Tim Morgan/Flickr Whenever someone hands me a brownie exhibiting telltale signs of nuttage – those light brown flecks can only mean one thing – I want to throw the brownie on the floor, whack them upside the head and then kick them in the crotch. Brownies. Don’t. Need. Nuts. Brownies are … Continue reading

Thing I hate #12: Valentine’s Day

Photo courtesy of bengt-re/Flickr I have trouble coming up with a reason to like Valentine’s Day because as far as I can tell, it’s a completely sham holiday. I’m not going to rail against the rampant commercialism like every other single, bitter person in the world or whine about the fact that couples feel especially … Continue reading

Thing I hate #11: Women’s Beauty Magazines

The print/publication world is hurting right now and I’d personally like to hold women’s beauty magazines accountable. I’m sure they’re not actually the reason (since millions sell each month) but I hate them so much I’m going to heap all the blame on their lipstick- and ad-filled plate. Because every issue is exactly the same. … Continue reading

Thing I love #12: Grocery Shopping

Photo courtesy of ginnerobot/Flickr Grocery shopping is high on the list of activities that make me happy. I could spend hours wandering the aisles looking for fruits that look like gonads, trying (and failing) not to poke the ground meat, waffling between dried cranberries and raisins, inappropriately smelling everything, yelling at my friend to “come … Continue reading

Thing I hate #10: Biting into Popsicles

Nothing is more shudder-inducing than biting into a popsicle. Doesn’t matter if it’s me doing it or if I’m watching someone else; my flesh crawls and I get goosebumps. Every. Single. Time. Maybe I have sensitive gums. Maybe I’m a total weenie. Maybe you shouldn’t grin at me and take a big bite out of … Continue reading

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