Thing I Love #8: Fog

Photo courtesy of snowriderguy/Flickr

Because it’s magical, that’s why.

The ugliest landscape turns mysterious and haunting when the fog rolls in. The dullest night at home turns cozy. The most mundane commute turns exciting.

Some people get sick of fog.

But not me.


And I live in the Bay Area.

Common (read: lame) excuses for not liking fog:

1.”It bums me out – I miss the sun!”
We live in California. There will be sunshine in two hours. Jesus.

James Jordan/Flickr

2. “It makes driving so dangerous.”
Then slow your shit down and turn your lights on. Or – think about it – stay at home. No one wants to hang out with you anyway, you fog-hating grandma-driver.


3. “You can’t see the scenery.”
But you’re in a cloud. Way cooler.

Mr. Thomas/Flickr


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