Thing I Love #4: Mustaches

Photo courtesy of Blush Printables/Flickr

“A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar”
English Proverb

1. Because they’re kind of ridiculous.

2. Because I can never grow one and I’m a little bit jealous.

3. Because they remind me of bad 1970s male fashion, and that’s funny.

4. Because they come on lumberjacks, and I really, really love lumberjacks. More on that later.

There are months dedicated to mustache growing:
(A mustache-growing charity event in November) and…
Mustache March (a US Airforce tradition involving pilots growing mustaches. Mainly because they can.)
(from the wikipedia entry) “U.S. Air Force ace Robin Olds became celebrated for a flowing handlebar moustache he grew while commanding the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing “Wolfpack” during the Vietnam War, and when forced to shave it by his superior became the source of an Air Force tradition known as “Moustache March”.

Because I like them so much, I try to incorporate them into my daily life as much as possible. This is a challenge, but one I proudly accept. For example:

A “Mustachio Bashio” held in Southern California. Attendees were Air Force Pilots, female friends and a cat. With a mustache*.

*I recently learned that this is called the “Kitler,” which I love.

The joint Maids of Honor and Best Man speech at my best friend’s wedding. All three of us ‘stached up.

A cupcake bakeoff I entered with my youngest sister. Team name: Team Mustache. Team uniform: Aprons. And ‘staches.

I’ll end with this caveat: Mustaches are one of the rare instances of body hair in which bushier is better.

Check out the Art of Manliness’ post on the manliest mustaches of all time. Warning: girls, you may have to change your pants afterward.


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