Thing I Hate #5: DVD Packaging.

Why must each new DVD come

a) stuck on an awkwardly pronged plastic page (from which one must “pop” the DVD without snapping it in half)

b) stuck within three impossible-to-lift-off-in-one-piece stickers sealing three of the four sides shut

c) hermetically sealed in plastic?

You can’t just open the package and start watching Back to the Future. No. You need freaking tools to re-experience Doc’s madcap high jinks and Marty’s hoverboard skills.

Do you have fingernails? Lucky you.

I don’t, and trying to lift up that nearly-invisible plastic corner is – if not impossible – a 5 minute struggle that makes me want to punch someone on the throat. Sometimes scissors help, but most of the time they don’t, as the blade of the scissor is too thick to insert between the flap and the layer of plastic you’re trying to cut.

So I walk to the kitchen and get my knife and slide the blade along the fold of plastic, using a 2.5 million year-old tool to open a 21st century invention. I peel the stickers off, tiny shred by tiny shred, trying – and failing – to clump them together for easy disposal

I have the same grievance with CDs of course, but if you’re not using iTunes or pirating music by now, chances are you aren’t tech savvy enough to be reading a blog.

Photo courtesy of Sklathill


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