Thing I Hate #8: The Twilight Series

I hate the Twilight series because I love books. As someone who spent most of their childhood gobbling up novels and literature (yes, perhaps at the cost of my social life, but who needs that when you have a decent vocabulary?), I believe that anyone who reads and enjoys Twilight deserves a punch in the … Continue reading

Thing I Love #9: Peanut Butter

I would rather be eating peanut butter than doing pretty much anything else. If it has peanut butter on it, in it or around it, I will put it in my mouth. And all that implies. The first thing people ask when you say you love peanut butter is if you prefer smooth or chunky. … Continue reading

Thing I Hate #6: Long Fingernails

This goes for you, woman-with-the-nastily-long-fakes-glued-to-her-hands, as well as you, Mr. I-haven’t-cut-my-nails-since-I-started-playing-World-of-Warcraft. I hate you and your fingernails. In fact, I hate you because of your fingernails. If you’re a chick, know this: fake nails are ugly. They don’t make you hands look elegant or your fingers look longer. They make it look like you’ve glued … Continue reading

Thing I Hate #5: Rat Tails

Photo courtesy of Gracezorz/flickr Both kinds. Always. Instance #1: The haircut. Possibly the worst haircut idea in history, the rat tail tries to be it all, and succeeds in just being heinous. It is neither mullet (see: ironic and hilarious) or buzz cut (see: conservative, military, intense). It is neither long hair on a boy … Continue reading

Thing I Love #8: Fog

Photo courtesy of snowriderguy/Flickr Because it’s magical, that’s why. The ugliest landscape turns mysterious and haunting when the fog rolls in. The dullest night at home turns cozy. The most mundane commute turns exciting. Some people get sick of fog. But not me. Ever. And I live in the Bay Area. Common (read: lame) excuses … Continue reading

Thing I Love #7: Apple Pie

Of all the things to eat for dessert, homemade apple pie is quite possibly my favorite. I’ll explain why, in conjunction with the recipe, below. Compile your ingredients in the kitchen while your little sister is making breakfast and get in her way as much as possible. It’s more fun for you. For the crust: … Continue reading

Thing I Love #6: Northern California in the Fall

I live in a state where, when December hits, it’s still warm enough to go hiking in shorts. Where green grass is perennial (okay, it turns brown in the summer) and it is possible to get a tanline before Thanksgiving dinner. So even though we don’t get white Christmases, the seasons are still lovely. Hell, … Continue reading

Thing I Love #5: Smells.

I smell things. Most things, in fact. If I’m eating something new, guaranteed I’m going to sniff it before I put it in my mouth. I smell people too. And yes, I will judge you based on that smell. The same goes for houses, laundry, cars, pets, new electronics, locker rooms…I always inhale. The following … Continue reading

Thing I Love #4: Mustaches

Photo courtesy of Blush Printables/Flickr “A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar” English Proverb 1. Because they’re kind of ridiculous. 2. Because I can never grow one and I’m a little bit jealous. 3. Because they remind me of bad 1970s male fashion, and that’s funny. 4. Because they … Continue reading

Thing I Love #3: Baking with Beer (and Guinness ‘Gasm Cupcakes)

Do you like cupcakes? Do you like Guinness? The dear lord do we have the cupcake recipe for you. My little sister and I entered this recipe in SF Foodwars’ Mini Cupcake Clash and while we didn’t win any awards, we were assured that we were a crowd favorite. That may have been more because … Continue reading

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